Greater Johnstown Water Authority/Ligonier Interconnection Project

This $9.8 million project will provide an interconnection and regionalization between two major water systems.  The Greater Johnstown Water Authority (GJWA) and the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County, Ligonier (MAWC). The project traverses across three counties, through six municipalities and includes over 16.5 miles of pipeline, a pump station, a one million gallon storage tank and associated appurtenances of new construction as well as upgrades of a portion of the existing GJWA system. The interconnection will provide a reliable source of water to replace Ligonier Borough present supply. The line will run primarily along the SR 0271 corridor from the Greater Johnstown Water Authorities Upper Yoder tanks to an interconnection with the Borough of Ligonier’s existing system.

The Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan that was developed by Gibson-Thomas was reviewed by the Conservation Districts for all three of the counties involved. An Individual NPDES permit was required due to exceptional value streams that are within the project area. For stream and wetland crossings by the waterline, a Chapter 105 Joint Permit had to be obtained due to the presence of the protected watersheds in the project area. Clearances for endangered and threatened species of plants required a botanical survey of the entire project, and clearance for cultural and historic resources required a Phase I Archaeological Survey. Due to possible impacts to protected fish species in Mill Creek in Westmoreland County, all stream crossings of this creek had to be accomplished by boring under the stream. Gibson-Thomas was also responsible for producing the Environmental Report to obtain the necessary funding for the project.

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